Supplying the NDT industry for over 50 years, the J.M. Devine Company, Inc. has developed a one-stop operation for all your NDT requirements.  Our office, centrally located in Norwood, MA (off Route 95) is situated for easy access to all of New England.


Our technical sales and service personnel provide calibrations and service with quick response and turnaround time.  Some of the major product lines that we represent are (but not limited to):

·         Radiographic Equipment and Supplies

·         Ultrasonic Test Equipment and Systems

·         Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment and Systems

·         Alloy and Material Sorting and Evaluation Equipment

·         Eddy Current Equipment and Probes

·         Radiographic Film and Supplies

·         Liquid Penetrant Equipment and Supplies

·         Filters and Filtration Systems

·         Transducers and Certifications

·         Visual Inspection Equipment and Supplies

·         Ultraviolet Lamps and Supplies

·         Surface Inspection and Evaluation Equipment

·         Hardness Test Equipment

·         Quality Ultrasonic Calibration Test Blocks

·         Industrial Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

·         Concrete Test Equipment and Supplies

The sales team of the J.M. Devine Company, Inc. is staffed to maintain complete coverage of all six New England states.  We can assure you that your product will receive the highest exposure to potential customers.

            Our reps are located strategically throughout the region.  This is important to you so that the customer desiring your product receives immediate attention and service.

            The J.M. Devine Company, Inc. has an established status as a reliable vendor to many key accounts.  We have developed a trust, line of communication, service know-how, and a reliable means of qualifying customers.  We know their needs and strive to satisfy them by selling your product line.

            We are also constantly seeking new customers.  Our mailing list is comprised of hundreds of contacts throughout New England.  In addition, we have a prospect list reaching inspection laboratories, aircraft parts manufacturers, machine shops, casting manufacturers, paper mills, utility companies, fabrication shops, and other industrial corporations.

            The combined backgrounds of the J.M. Devine Company, Inc. sales force includes engineering, design, marketing, and quality control inspection.  As salesmen, we incorporate our knowledge into our selling techniques and abilities.  To maintain a high level of salesmanship, we regularly participate in sales training seminars.  These courses aid in keeping our “edges sharp” and stay up-to-date with the latest sales trends.  By incorporating these measures we consistently maximize our potential sales.

            The J.M. Devine Company, Inc. is committed to its customers, the companies we represent, and the products we sell.  We have a reputation for honesty, integrity, and reliable service.  Our product offerings represent the best available in the NDT marketplace.